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Following the intel from Facade, Gabriel and Black Widow took up surveillance on the Santa Ana Police Station where the emerald was being stored. At 3:14 a.m., an unmarked van (which was later traced to a Sapien League shell company) arrived at the back of the station and was allowed into the loading bay. Six masked individuals disembarked and met a police officer, who appeared to be cooperating with them - they entered the police station and came out approximately 25 minutes later carrying a large rock about the size of a mini-fridge. The rock was covered in a tarpaulin and loaded into the van. The six masked individuals left, while the police officer returned to the station.

Gabriel and Black Widow remained to observe the police officer at the station, while the van was tracked by Wildchild and Synch, who confirmed it was the correct vehicle by the smell of the emerald, which is very distinctive and "smells like ass." I can confirm it smells like ass. They continued to follow the van at enough distance to avoid being spotted for the next two and a half hours, as it headed north-east into the desert. The van left the highway and drove along a dirt road to a remote location, which appeared to be their base. The emerald was taken into a large metal shed which seemed to have been recently built. Cyclops stated that that it was very difficult to spot from the air and was painted to blend into the desert.

At 6:00 a.m. Cyclops ordered the target be taken. Rogue carried Daredevil to the ground to join Wildchild and Synch in taking down the sentries without raising the alarm. At the same time, Sub-mariner and Bruiser landed on the roof of the shed and peeled off a section of the roof for access, while Cyclops and Iceman approached the front doors of the building and Firestar and the Human Torch covered the back. A number of SL came charging out of the building and engaged Cyclops, Iceman, Firestar and Torch, but left the emerald guarded. These guards were taken on by Bruiser and Sub-mariner. Due to the proximity to the emerald, almost all team members experienced some symptoms of weakness and nausea, depending on how close they were.

Dr. Richards and Dr. McCoy used the winch on the loading hatch of the Blackbird to lower their containment device into the shed by way of the large hole created by Bruiser and S-M. With assistance from S-M, they were able to place the emerald in the device and winch it back onto the Blackbird for safe transport. At this point, realising their plan was no longer viable, those SLs who were still conscious fled. Their unconscious 'friends' were restrained and an anonymous tip made to the local authorities that a meth lab had been discovered at the location.

Considering previous encounters with the League, and the fact that there were some less experienced team members, the mission was extremely well carried out. The emerald - and its containment - has been placed in storage in a secret location in the desert.
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We have an emergency on our hands and I need all available team members from all the teams at the mansion.

Various teams have been tracking an emerald that can cause sickness and possible death in mutants and we have evidence now that the Sapiens League plan on moving to take it this evening. A rock like that in their hands can only have one use, and not one we're going to like. I plan to take a team out to watch the police station and track them back to their base so we can move in and shut down the whole operation.

After the events of the past few weeks though we're down on active numbers so I need anyone available to come over to help with this mission. I'm also pulling in Bobby, Johnny and Molly from Gen-X. They've all done well in the training scenarios and are ready for this. And against this target we're going to need all the help we can get.
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[all teams] Attached: sapiens league dossier (unclassified)

i have had a shitty, shitty last 72 hours, i have a wrenched shoulder and knee covered in kineso tape and three fingers in a splint so youre not getting capital letters. deal with it. i have been awake for too long, also and only just heard from my last source because he got drunk and had to sober up enough to call me. i need better people. 

i have been working with my contacts in la to find out exactly that the sapiens league are doing. i flew in right before topaz and clea had their little adventure so i am very short on sleep right now and i have ever mentioned that la is the ass end of the universe even more so than yesterday's dark dimension? i have a lecture, if you're interested and there are power point slides. or will be. it is a good lecture and you should come and see it. i will get someone to record my notes so you can listen to it properly. 

Briefing summary: 

the sapiens league are making their move tomorrow. evening of 10 october. they have someone inside the police station and will be making a move on that stupid emerald. 

it is currently in the police vault. Attachment: santa ana police precinct plans   i got in as a janitor and checked the dimensions and layout. it's mostly as stated when the precinct was built. major changes highlighted. could not make entry to vault or get eyes on security. did get to clean the lockup toilets. that sucked. 

they are planning to move it to an undisclosed location and turn it into weapons of mass destruction because of course they are. i don't know where. you will need to keep eyes on the precinct. 

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We lost Quentin Quire last night. We've been working quietly to notify those he was close with before I made this report.

Last night at the Snow Valley offices, I was assisting Amanda with a spell she was trying in the wake of what happened in the Medlab last week. Things went south when Quentin showed up, more than a little possessed by the thing that had gone after Jean.

And of course we had Stephen and Illyana in the room as Amanda had needed more assistance than I could bring.

During the psi fight, I managed to get Stephen and Illyana out so I didn't see the end of the fight between the psionics but...

Quentin managed to regain enough control and, apparently, decided the only way to stop the entity possessing him was to sacrifice himself.

No other major injuries, physical at least.

(For my team, please avoid the one office with a hole in the wall and a broken window until I can get contractors in to fix it. It's not hard to miss.)
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I took a look at those pendants X-Factor gave us. Can't say what they are, but I can say for sure they're not magic. Think it's time for science people to do their thing.
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I really, really hate this bollocks.

It seems us magic-using types have drawn the attention of the Winding Way. Ancient magical 'union', engaged in eternal struggle, blah, blah. I wouldn't give a toss, except that they're looking at recruitment, and they'll be "testing" us to see if we're worthy and where our allegiances lie. And that includes the kids.

I've let them all know, and I'll be keeping an eye on them, but I'm only one me and I'm going to be subject to this shite as well. Might be time to beef up the security systems, and watch out for anything unusual. Any questions, fire away. I'll get to them once I'm done talking to Charles and drinking my weight in Earl Grey.
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Dudes -- duuuuuudes. Okay, so here's what's up from my end. (I seriously meant to keep you guys totally informed and then, y'know. Got distracted. Sorry.)

- Got the go-ahead from the Prof re: doing renos on the family chapel at the north side of the lake (like, in Feb)
- Funding from Keller, Xavier, & Bowen made available (Namor, that stuff you mentioned re: gold or whatever, talk to me more)
- Renos started in March
- Prob be finished with renos in July/August
- Science equipment'll be delivered for labs in July
- Installation'll take place whenever the basic renos are done/we have more reliable electricity
- Reconsecrating the grounds'll happen in August (courtesy of Father Bowen)
- All the other stuff we'll need for the offices'll come in after the reconsecration
- You guys are setting up your own offices
- My office is better than yours

Other people have updates? Who've we got on this thing, anyway? I know I conned Darcy into desk duty...


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